Three Essential Tips For Moving During The Holidays


Moving can be stressful enough on it's own, but it can be downright chaotic if it happens during the winter holiday season. Here are some helpful tips you can use to survive the holidays and smoothly transition to your new home.

Hold Off On Holiday Decorating

If you are moving before the holiday, consider holding off on decorating. It means less packing, as your decorations are likely already boxed up, and you won't have to decorate both your new home and your old one. You can still get into the spirit of the season by purchasing window decals and a cheap wreath at your local dollar store. These items can be discarded before you move. Be sure to have your holiday decorations clearly labeled for moving day, and leave instructions on each box to have your movers leave them in the living room or other designated area so you can begin to decorate as you unpack.

Do Gift Exchanges Early

You may be overwhelmed with unpacking and getting settled in your new home, and the idea of hosting a gift exchange may be the last thing you want to consider after a move. Reach out to your family and friends to arrange a gift exchange and holiday meal before your move instead. This means less work for you to do after you move, and your children can get the added fun of having two holiday celebrations; the one you have with family before you move and a smaller family dinner after you get settled.

Plan For Winter Weather

Having a white Christmas may not be a fun prospect if you are moving. Cold temperatures coupled with snowy, icy roads can make for an unpleasant moving experience. Talk to your residential moving company about contingencies should the roads become too hazardous, and be sure to leave plenty of warm clothing out when packing. Plan to dress in layers so you can remove coats and jackets while inside and quickly bundle up as you head out to the moving van during the move. Have a snow shovel and salt ready to keep your sidewalks clear so your movers have a safe path to your home.

Talk to your moving company about other helpful strategies for moving during the holiday season. Your movers can do much of the work for you so you and your family can get settled quickly and enjoy the holiday break.


14 September 2017

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