How To Move Away From A Pest Infestation


If you have a pest infestation in your old home, and are currently moving to a new one, you need to be extra careful to ensure that none of those unpleasant insects are able to come with you, as this can rapidly infest your new home and continue the nightmare. Fortunately, there are several extremely important and effective steps that you can take to ensure that when you leave your old home behind, you're leaving the pests behind as well.

Small Appliances and Decorations

For small appliances and home decorations that you want to bring with you, you should perform a thorough inspection to make sure that there are no signs of insects on any of their surfaces, both interior and exterior. Look for eggs, droppings, shell casings, and anything else that could point to signs of an infestation.

If you do decide to bring items with you, be sure to seal them in a clear plastic bag. This way, when you move into your new home and you happened to miss a pest, they'll be stuck on the inside of the bag instead of scurrying away. This makes eliminating them much easier.


Food items, especially dry goods like rice and flour, should be inspected for signs of infestation as well. In general, it's a good idea to just throw them away, but if you absolutely have to bring a specific item with you, place it in the freezer overnight to kill any insects or eggs which may be on the packaging.

Rugs and Upholstery

For softer items of furniture, you'll want to inspect them up close for dark stains (excrement) and small black dots (shell casings). These are both signs that you should consider either having your furniture professionally cleaned if you want to bring it with you, or simply replacing it. However, you can use a steam cleaner to eliminate small amounts of pests and remove their waste from smaller items. In addition, for small area rugs that can be easily rolled up, you can stick them in the freezer overnight to have all of the pests within them killed, and then throw it into the washing machine to clean it off.

Throw Things Away

In general, while inspection, careful cleaning, and all of the other techniques described above can be a good way to ensure that your new home isn't exposed to the pests of your old home, it isn't foolproof. If at any point you have doubts about the items that you're bringing with you, it's always better to err on the side of caution and throw them away. You can always replace your things, but eliminating pests is a complex, expensive, and drawn out process that you don't want to go through in your new home.

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15 September 2017

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