Sharing A Mini Self-Storage Unit With Family: How To Share Harmoniously


If you and a relative are in need of self-storage, but neither of you have enough stuff to rent out your own unit, sharing a mini storage space might be a good option. Sharing space can sometimes lead to arguments, but there are a few ways you can keep the peace while sharing your storage unit. Here are a few strategies to consider.

Labels And Sorting Systems

Cardboard boxes can be difficult to tell apart, and you don't want to end up taking your relative's boxes home with you, so come up with a label and sorting system. You can have labels printed out with each of your names on them, and you can also use a color-coded sticker system to identify the owner of each box. Be sure to place your labels and stickers on more than one side of each box for better visibility. You can cordon off each area with string or rope and hang signs with the owner's name on the strong.

Divide The Space

While splitting the storage space exactly in half may be a good idea for some, it may not work for everyone. Your relative may have a couple of larger items to store, while you might simply have boxes. Create a map of the self-storage unit and divide the space as you both think is fair. Use blue painter's tape or masking tape to mark out the sections that belong to each individual, and then fill in your storage unit according to those lines.

Make Arrangements For Rent

Another essential component to sharing a storage unit is sharing the cost of renting It's important to remember to pay your rent, so come up with a plan in advance. Some storage facilities may let you pay for an entire year in advance, which means you can both write a check for half of the year's rent. You can also have your rent automatically deducted from a bank account. You may want to consider setting up a joint bank account specifically for this purpose so you can both deposit your half every month. Discuss the arrangements first to avoid squabbling over money. Sharing a mini storage unit can be a great way to save money. Discuss all of the aspects of sharing with your relative before you move in to help avoid disagreements, and enjoy having a less cluttered home with the help of your new storage unit.

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23 September 2017

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