Moving to Another Neighborhood? 3 Challenging Items You Should Entrust Movers to Handle


Moving homes can range from staying in the same neighborhood to living in another country. If you are only moving neighborhoods, you may be comfortable with the idea of moving most possessions on your own. But, you may have a few things that you do not think that you can handle without getting lots of help from others or risking an injury from physical overexertion.

Hiring a moving company will allow you to focus on the tasks that you can handle while they take care of packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your most difficult possessions.


A small aquarium is easy to move, especially after removing all the water inside. If you have a large aquarium, even removing the water may not be enough to make it manageable. A glass aquarium is both heavy and delicate, so you would take on a major risk moving it on your own.

Since you will need to transport all fish out of the aquarium, you should make plans with the moving company to pack it up around the time that you move into your new home. This will prevent you from having to displace the fish into a temporary home for a long time.


Getting a piano into your home is an enormous challenge and it will be the same way when trying to remove it. One detail that you will need to keep in mind is figuring out whether the new home has enough room to move in a piano. A large sliding glass door or French patio doors that go into the backyard should provide enough room for the movers to maneuver a large piano inside.


When you invested in a fire and burglary safe to protect your most valuable possessions, you may have bought a heavy one to make it almost impossible for someone to carry out on their own.

The great thing about a safe is that it cannot be disassembled in any way. This means that the movers will have a straightforward task of gathering enough strength to move it all at once. If the safe weighs several hundred pounds, they can get two or three people in your home to help.

When you are moving only a few minutes away, you may feel tempted to do everything on your own. But, hiring movers like Wheaton World Wide Moving will give you peace of mind for moving heavy items safely.


12 December 2017

Are You Ready To Move?

When it comes down to it, moving can be extremely difficult if you aren't prepared. In addition to being faced with going through your home to sort out all of the details, moving also involves a heavy focus on rebuilding your life in a new place, which can be daunting. However, understanding how to resolve some of these challenges early on can be simple, especially if you are faced with a large or cross-country relocation. This blog is all about being able to resolve moving problems proactively, so that you don't have to endure the stress involved with moving on your own.